Welcome to the Canadian Values Conversations Survey! Our goal in providing this brief,15-minute survey is to have Canadians like you tell us about what values you believe our country currently stands for and operates by, and what values Canada should have and live by more in the future.

Our purpose is to foster the future for Canada that Canadians want most. By responding you are agreeing to contribute to this purpose. Once you have completed and submitted your responses it will not be possible either to identify them with you specifically, so it will not be possible to withdraw your responses. This also means that your participation is anonymous. We greatly appreciate your contribution!

There are three main questions in the survey, and for each one you are asked to pick ten values, behaviours or practices from supplied lists that best describe:
  1. The Current You. What matters most to you in your life? What are your top personal values right now?
  2. Our Current Canada. What values, behaviours and practices do you see being lived and expressed in Canada every day, right now?
  3. Our Future Canada. What are the most important values, behaviours and practices that Canada needs and should live by going forward into the future?
After these three questions we will ask a number of demographic questions to help us, and each other, understand the results in more depth. These questions are optional of course, but we ask that you answer as many as you can .

At that point, the survey will be complete, and you will be able to view your own results of the survey and compare them with other groups of Canadians of interest to you. We encourage you to spend time doing this to learn more about your fellow Canadians’ values, their views of what Canada is today, and their hopes for what Canada could be like in the future!

You will also be able to use social media to share your learnings and insights, as well as a link to the survey, with colleagues, friends and family. We especially encourage this so that they can add their views to our database and join in the discussion themselves. In fact, we’d love to hear from EVERYONE—the more of us who participate, the more we all learn! So we invite you to begin your own discussion about Canadian values with important people in your life—members of your family, friends, colleagues, etc. Get them to take the survey, and then start a great Canadian Values Conversation!

Before you begin, please remember there are no right or wrong answers to a survey like this, and that you may choose to leave the survey at any time. However, once you leave the survey site, you will not be able to return and pick up where you left off, and so you will not be able to explore the results any further.

This project has been registered with the MRIA. The registration system has been created by the Canadian survey research industry to allow the public to verify that a survey is legitimate, get information about the survey industry or register a complaint. You can verify the survey status here.
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